Office Environment

M.G.S. & Associates, located in the heart of Kathmandu, Anamnagar, is a leading accounting firm highly equipped with modern infrastructure, IT logistics and other capacities of international standard to deliver the highest quality of service to meet and exceed today’s clients needs. Apart from physical infrastructure, the firm adopts best class practices and system that contribute to quality services. M.G.S. is closely working with reputed international big firms in various assignments in Nepal.

We operate out of a modern office facilities situated at the central part of Kathmandu. Our office is equipped with all facilities required for a professional firm which enable to provide high standard quality services.

Standards, System, Policies & Procedure:

We provide our services strictly following the applicable international/ national standards like IFRS, IAS, IPSAS, ISA, ISQC, NAS, NFRS, NSA, NPSAS, and other applicable rules, laws and regulations. For the execution of our assignment, we have developed our internal policies, procedures, template, formats, which are tailored to the assignment needs. Those policies are designed to provide it with reasonable assurance that our firm and personnel comply with relevant ethical requirements. The firm has established and maintained a system of quality control that includes policies and procedures that address: (a) Leadership responsibilities for quality within the firm. (b) Relevant ethical requirements. (c) Acceptance and continuance of client relationships and specific engagements. (d) Human resources. (e) Engagement performance. (f) Monitoring.


The work of the audit team is constantly assisted, supervised, monitored and controlled by the higher level like Engagement Manager and Engagement Partner.